Schedule and Patreon changes

Until further notice, Anthronauts will be updating every other Friday. I’ve been trying to keep up with weekly updates, but that just hasn’t been working lately. Hopefully I will soon be able to go back to weekly updates. Want to see the comics early? I will be posting comics early for people who pledge at least $1 per month on Patreon!

Also, there are some major changes in how my Patreon works. First of all, I’m going to switch from donations being per PAGE to being per MONTH. That is because I’m thinking of changing and expanding on the type of content I post. My content posts should start coming more frequently and contain more than just comics. If you previously pledged a low amount because you were concerned that I might post a whole bunch of comics in one month and break your wallet, let me alleviate your fears: pledges are now fixed at a monthly rate. The rewards for different donation tiers have also been changed.

Why are things changing, you ask? There are two main reasons. I will be having my second child very soon, and that will interrupt my already shaky update schedule for Anthronauts. I am changing the Anthronauts update schedule from once per week to once every other week until things stabilize, and I may still have to post filler every once in a while. Secondly, I intend to start working on a new series soon. As for the content and name of this series, I’m still working out details. I’ll keep you guys posted!