Anthronauts is going Inactive

I can’t keep working on Anthronauts. I’ve tried going on hiatus to catch up and make a backlog of pages. I even got help from Cervelet to make some pages, but it just wasn’t enough. It’s too big a strain on my family and I to get drawing time in. I can’t keep up with a schedule. I’m tired of posting excuses and fillers week after week, and relying on other people to help for something that was supposed to be a hobby. So, for now, Anthronauts will no longer update. Hopefully I will eventually be able to continue the comic, but I expect it will be months or even years before I am able to do so.

So, what happens now? Anthronauts will continue to be hosted on Katbox. I will still be a Katbox member, though inactive. I will deactivate my Patreon. If I have time, I will continue to draw personal artwork and take commissions, but I won’t be working on a schedule. I still owe a lot of commissions and Ask Cheng Sketchblog entries, so I’ll get those done when I can.

Thank you for reading Anthronauts. It’s been an awesome six years!