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Spring Cleaning

I’m only partially done inking the next page. I’ve been busily combining my usual spring cleaning with the Konmari method of tidying, and it’s consuming most of my time. I doubt I’ll be all the way done by next week, but I should still be able to get a comic done by then! In the meantime, enjoy this cute pic.

Also, a reminder: several Katbox artists will be attending conventions this year! Coming up soon is Metrocon. Nekonny (artist of Caribbean Blue) and Skidd (artist of Uberquest) will be at tables B07 and B08 at the Artist’s Alley at Metrocon in Tampa, Florida, from June 11th to 14th!

Back on Schedule

I’m pleased to say that I have actually been able to mostly keep up with weekly updates. I thought I wouldn’t be able to after having my second baby, but it’s actually working out well. This kid is a much better sleeper and much more chillaxed baby than his big brother was, and we’re about to put big brother into daycare for a second day each week, so I should have even more drawing time soon.

I am making an effort to have pages ready a couple days early, available only for people who generously donate to me through Patreon. I don’t always have pages ready early, but sometimes I make it! If you’re interested in seeing early updates or getting other nifty rewards, or just want to show your support, please consider sending a buck or two (or a hundred, it’s up to you) every month! Click here to access my Patreon!