Virgin Burgers

I’m considering changing to a 4Koma panel layout once this chapter ends, so that I will be forced to NOT draw huge groups of people. There are 25 characters on this page, and that makes drawing take sooooo much longer…

There are LOTS of cameos on this page! From left to right, top to bottom, we have… Sgt. Dresdon (paid for through Patreon), Brittany & Tiffany from Gold Digger by Fred Perry, Tina from Caribbean Blue by Nekonny, Mihari, Vampbanshee (paid for through Patreon), four random characters that aren’t really from anything, Claire from Uberquest by Skidd and Phuufy, Digit from Las Lindas by Chalo, Captain Bob from the previous version of Anthronauts, and Moonflower (paid for through Patreon).

Vampbanshee, Dresdon, I hope you like the way I drew your characters. I did my best with the descriptions you gave me! ^^;

Rexley Ate my Schedule

Rexley ate my schedule.

Okay, that’s a blatant lie. What really ate my schedule is being pregnant. I feel exhausted and sick all the time, and I still have a toddler to take care of. It makes it very hard to find time to draw, and even harder to get in the mood to draw.

While I’m still trying to make weekly updates, I’m not going to stick to a deadline if it means pulling an all-nighter or not letting my kid out to play for days on end. Until further notice, my comic will be updating whenever I finish a page.

To those who donate via Patreon: I am making Patreon rewards a higher priority than comics for now. I will try to finish one sketch per week, one cast page picture every two weeks, and three Ask Captain Cheng blog updates per month. Cameos will be coming soon! After the current chapter of Anthronauts ends (page 25) there will be a fun interlude where all kinds of cameos are possible!