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This page was scripted by Nixie, sketched & inked by Cervelet (the awesome artist of the awesome comic Addictive Science) and colored by Nixie! I’m still in the process of getting everything back in order for me to make the comics entirely by myself again.

Hiatus for the Holidays

I will be going on hiatus until January 2016. There will be occasional fillers posted during this time, but actual Anthronauts comics should resume next year.

I was hoping that a few months of updating only twice a month would help me get back on track, give me enough time to finish commissions and make a backlog of comics, but that’s not what’s happened. I’m still struggling to update on time. My family has a lot going on right now. I’ll spare you the details, but I’ll say this: our holiday season will be extremely busy, even if the actual holidays weren’t happening. I’m rather stressed out and have serious art block, too.

Because the comic is going on hiatus, I will be changing my Patreon to a “pay per page” setup instead of monthly billing, so you guys aren’t paying me to just sit around and take a much-needed break. If I manage to complete all my commissions during this hiatus, I may open for more, but I can’t promise it.