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Captain Mandala Cheng

Mandala Lien-hua Cheng

Rank/Profession: Captain of the P.S.S. Bubbles

Age: 26 Earth years

Height/Weight: 4’10″ / 115 lbs (147 cm / 52 kg)

Species: Pelzarian (Panda)

Cheng is overly optimistic and mostly oblivious to danger. She is determined to see something good in everyone, even if they’re trying to roast her alive! She is never without a cup of hot tea. If that cup of tea spills, watch out! There’s another side of her that emerges, and it’s not pretty! She came from a wealthy family, but against her parents wishes, she bought spaceship and began to earn her own living as an interstellar chauffeur.

Doctor Caroline Wimble

Caroline Rosalind Wimble

Rank/Profession: Client and Lab Assistant

Age: 20 Earth years

Height/Weight: 4’3″ / 80 lbs (129 cm / 36 kg)

Species: Pelzarian (Lynx)

Sir Boris cloned her from the DNA of a long-deceased Pelzarian scientist. He raised her as if she were his own daughter. She got her doctorate at age 19 (Earth years) and became her father’s personal assistant. She’s sadistic and loves to hack people to pieces. You don’t want to be her patient! She hates social interaction, especially meeting new people.

Sir Boris Wimble

Sir Boris Dale Wimble

Rank/Profession: Client and Geneticist

Age: About 300 Earth years

Height/Weight: 3’9″ / 60 lbs (114 cm / 27 kg)

Species: Unknown; Prefers to look like a Pelzarian Chinchilla

Sir Boris doesn’t know what he is. He usually looks like a Pelzarian chinchilla, but chinchillas don’t live 300 Earth years or regenerate lost limbs! He became a geneticist so he could do studies on himself and learn his origins. He’s usually polite and upbeat, but if he gets hungry, he becomes a violent beast and can’t distinguish friend from foe. Boris hired the S.S. Bubbles and her crew to charter himself around the universe in search of others like himself.

Additional character bios soon to come!