Captain Mandala Cheng

Mandala Lien-hua Cheng

Rank/Profession: Captain of the P.S.S. Bubbles

Age: 26 Earth years

Height/Weight: 4’10” / 115 lbs (147 cm / 52 kg)

Species: Pelzarian (Panda)

Cheng is overly optimistic and mostly oblivious to danger. She is determined to see something good in everyone, even if they’re trying to roast her alive! She is never without a cup of hot tea. If that cup of tea spills, watch out! There’s another side of her that emerges, and it’s not pretty! She came from a wealthy family, but against her parents wishes, she bought spaceship and began to earn her own living as an interstellar chauffeur.

In an alternate universe (AKA, the universe of Anthronauts before the reboot) she had a crush on Rexley, but her twin sister married to him first. She stole the S.S. Bubbles from her father while fleeing from her homeworld to avoid an arranged marriage.

Doctor Caroline Wimble

Caroline Rosalind Wimble

Rank/Profession: Client and Lab Assistant

Age: 20 Earth years

Height/Weight: 4’3″ / 80 lbs (129 cm / 36 kg)

Species: Pelzarian (Lynx)

Sir Boris cloned her from the DNA of a long-deceased Pelzarian scientist. He raised her as if she were his own daughter. She got her doctorate at age 19 (Earth years) and became her father’s personal assistant. She’s sadistic and loves to hack people to pieces. You don’t want to be her patient! She hates social interaction, especially meeting new people.

In an alternate universe (AKA, the universe of Anthronauts before the reboot) Boris killed her during an experiment gone wrong, years before coming aboard the S.S. Bubbles.

Sir Boris Wimble

Sir Boris Dale Wimble

Rank/Profession: Client and Geneticist

Age: About 300 Earth years

Height/Weight: 3’9″ / 60 lbs (114 cm / 27 kg)

Species: Unknown; Prefers to look like a Pelzarian Chinchilla

Sir Boris doesn’t know what he is. He usually looks like a Pelzarian chinchilla, but chinchillas don’t live 300 Earth years or regenerate lost limbs! He became a geneticist so he could do studies on himself and learn his origins. He’s usually polite and upbeat, but if he gets hungry, he becomes a violent beast and can’t distinguish friend from foe. Boris hired the S.S. Bubbles and her crew to charter himself around the universe in search of others like himself.

In an alternate universe (AKA, the universe of Anthronauts before the reboot) Boris knew what his species was. He was of a race who ate whole planets just to reproduce. His mission was not self discovery, but a quest to find a way to wipe out his species before they could do more damage.

Perrin Rexley

Perrin Corley Rexley

Rank/Profession: Pilot of the S.S. Bubbles

Age: 28 Earth years

Height/Weight: 4’10” / 145 lbs (147 cm / 65 kg)

Species: Pelzarian (Fox)

This former space pirate has awful manners. When drunk, he could easily pilot the S.S. Bubbles through an asteroid field while dodging enemy fire; while sober, he’ll crash into every object within three light years. Despite his love of ale and brawling, he is usually calm and collected. He can keep his head in a dangerous situation, which is good, because he gets into them frequently. When he’s angry, he gets quiet or growls. He doesn’t like to raise his voice. He has a soft spot for the captain, so he tries to mind his manners around her.

In an alternate universe (AKA, the universe of Anthronauts before the reboot) Rexley loved both Mandy Cheng and her twin sister, Meilin. Meilin won the contest for his heart and they got married. Alas, on the way to their honeymoon, they were attacked by pirates. Meilin was killed and Rexley was forced to serve the pirate captain who killed her. He escaped by starting a mutiny, and joined Cheng on the S.S. Bubbles so he could avoid returning to his homeworld and being hung for piracy. He was almost always bitter, angry and drunk.



Rank/Profession: Pilot of the S.S. Bubbles

Age: Unknown

Height/Weight: 5’11” / 220 lbs (180 cm / 99 kg)

Species: F’glorbian Squid

Mary is the second-shift pilot of the S.S. Bubbles. This cuddly cephalopod can breath air and is very intelligent. She may not be able to speak English, but she understands it perfectly. She loves fish, gelatin, and almost everybody she meets.

In an alternate universe (AKA, the universe of Anthronauts before the reboot) Mary was the same species as Boris. He had trapped her in the form of a squid, but she soon found a way to regain her ability to shapeshift. Unlike Boris, she didn’t see her species as monsters. Her objective was to give birth to the entire next generation of her kind on planet Pelzar, which would have destroyed the planet. To this end, she seduced Rexley. This made Captain Cheng go nuts with rage and kick her off the ship.

Parvani Na'in Pinar Naratavi

Parvani Na’in Pinar Naratavi

Rank/Profession: Mechanic and Semi-Psychic Counselor of the S.S. Bubbles

Age: 74 Earth Years

Length/Weight: 32′ / 460 lbs (9.7 m / 208 kg)

Species: Namatarese

Parvani works as a mechanic and semi-psychic counselor on the S.S. Bubbles. The “semi psychic” part is a racial trait; she can see auras with her third eye and taste even the slightest hormonal changes with her sensitive tongue, so she can almost always tell exactly what someone is thinking. She is a member of the cult of Odram, so she bases her life around the ramblings of a guy who (so far) has not said anything untrue. Her faith is not dogmatic and mostly involves fun holidays with cake. She has a lot of free time, so she spends most of it reading or soaking in the cooling tanks of the engine room. As a Namatarese woman, she is very sexually liberal, and it’s become a hobby of hers to try and break the Pelzarians out of their prudish shells.

In an alternate universe (AKA, the universe of Anthronauts before the reboot) Parvani was a mechanic who just opened a shop on a Terran fueling station. The Bubbles crashed into her shop on the day of its grand opening, forcing Parvani to become the mechanic on a pirate ship called the Kraken.

Johan Wyman Kissefello

Johan Wyman Kissefello

Rank/Profession: Security and Tactical Officer of the S.S. Bubbles

Age: 33 Earth Years

Length/Weight: 5’3″ / 195 lbs (160 cm / 88 kg)

Species: Pelzarian (Unicorn)

Pelzarian unicorns aren’t all rainbows and butterflies! Kissefello is tough, fast, and starving for a fight. His hobbies are fencing, martial arts, and challenging strangers to arm wrestle. But, like other unicorns, he has a major weakness. Virgins, whether maiden or man, tame him just by being in the room! His blind adoration for anyone chaste makes him come off as being a serious creep. He became the security officer of the S.S. Bubbles to follow a childhood dream- he wanted to be a knight in shining armor and settled for the next best thing.

In an alternate universe (AKA, the universe of Anthronauts before the reboot) this character did not exist at all.